Saturday, November 10, 2012

Buried (2010) BDRip

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 Buried Film Review

Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) is not really a bloke that is able to settle for death, but due to the stress of the duty, he was forced to go to Asian nation to work as a contractor there. Paul knew that working in Asian nation means that he should bear the risk, but he ne'er imagined that may be for the risk he sweet-faced.

At one point, Paul awoke and thought it had been weird. within the surroundings therefore dark as it appears there is not a lot of area for him to maneuver. after convalescent consciousness Paul found some matches, a knife and a cell phone. With the lighting of a match sober he found, Paul realised that he was terribly  very incommodious. Not solely narrowly clothed  he had no flexibility at all.

Paul did not savvy he can be during a coffin. Paul did not understand who was fastened during a coffin, and with what purpose. life expectancy Paul just a cell phone in his hand. but that too is not an easy answer because it turns out Paul is not solely confined during a coffin but conjointly buried alive. before long Paul phone battery will run out while he couldn't contact anyone.

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