Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Mechanic (2011) R5

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Resensi The Mechanic (2011) R5

People know Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) as The Mechanic. Not because of anything but because this one guy was really professional. It works like a machine that does not know the word wrong. Hence Arthur always be the best in its field. But that all changed when a tragic event happened to Arthur.

Arthur is an assassin who is very talented. Killing is not just a task for Arthur but it's been such a lifestyle. All targets successfully finished Arthur and one that has always held Arthur is that he never involves emotion, no matter what happens. When Harry (Donald Sutherland), teacher and partner Arthur, was killed, only one of which is on the head of Arthur. He had to find out who was responsible for the death of Harry.

At the same time, Steve (Ben Foster), the son of Harry, suddenly come to Arthur with the same vengeance. Steve requested that he become involved and for the first time, works by Arthur unusual. He has emotions and he started getting people who have not experienced in the hunt this time.

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